gnuplot for MS DOS

gnuplot for MS DOS

Post by Andre Ellio » Sat, 16 Sep 1995 04:00:00

If anyone knows of any ftp sites for MS DOS gnuplot could you please
email me their location. Thanks .

Andre S. Elliott


1. Memory Allocation with MS-DOS/Windows GnuPlot

I have been exploring the possibility of using GnuPlot to plot complex
surfaces on a PC.  I downloaded an MS-DOS version of GnuPLot from a
Finnish site.  However, when I tried typing in

I received the following message:

Can not allocate more than 64k in MS-DOS.

This is frustrating since I have over 300 MB of RAM on my PC.  Is there
any way that I can change these settings or download a version of
GnuPlot that can splot large surface files?

Many thanks in advance,
Peter Likonen.

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