bar graphs with gnuplot?

bar graphs with gnuplot?

Post by Hoony C. You » Thu, 13 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi. My name is Hoony Youn and I have recently started working with
GNUPLOT.  I've been trying to make bargraphs and have been
semi-successful.  I'm using the  "plot with boxes" command except,
it's not really that refined.  I would like to add colors for each
item as well as a background grid.  My last label on the xaxis also
gets cut off.  I've been referring to the the online documentation
on the web, but have been coming up short. Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.

Hoony Youn


1. Generating Bar Graphs with GNUPlot

Hi there,

I've been through all the docs and demos I could find, but haven't seen
a way to create bar graphs using GNUPlot, only line graphs.  Is GNUPlot
capable of creating bar graphs?  If so, can you please direct me to the
docs and/or demos pages?


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