Never get bug bites again 32459

Never get bug bites again 32459

Post by Dave » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 03:29:09

Say GoodBye to MOSQUITO/BLACK FLY Bites Forever!

The newest technology is a device that gives off a sound that only bugs
can hear. Guess What? They hate it! This handy device works up to 25
feet so the bugs will stay clear of you and your family.

* Keeps annoying flies away up to 25 feet
* Protects you and your loved ones in the process
* WEST NILE?  Keep those Pests Away!!
* Great for Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, fisherman, & everyday people!

We GUARANTEE it will work or your money back. Simple as that.

Special Internet offer of ONLY $29.95 ! Plus get a FREE Cell Phone Booster Antenna ($20value) with every order!

* As seen on the Discovery Channel, ABC News, & NBC's Dateline

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1. The Beta Bug Bites Again...Trajectory Pro?

Seen at the Jasc website:

"Welcome to the prototype of Trajectory Pro, the brand-new Scalable
Vector Graphics (SVG) authoring tool from Jasc Software, makers of the
award-winning Paint Shop Pro.

SVG is an open-standard specification for adding high-impact vector
graphics and animation to your Web pages. Currently in development by
the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), SVG is based on Extensible Markup
Language (XML) for full Web compatibility.

Trajectory Pro will include a full set of drawing and design tools, as
well as animation and interactivity features. This initial development
prototype begins to deliver these features in a product that you can use

Downloading now (how could you doubt it?)


< o \"/  Don't play cat and mouse with me!                            (


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