info-gnuplot-digest V1 #2094

info-gnuplot-digest V1 #2094

Post by gavin buxt » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 22:33:49


You can control the size of the plotting using xrange
and yrange, which gives you the limits, or bounds, of
your plot. And if you want them to look the same then
you can use set xtics to put the tics where you want,
and also whatever you want. For example....

set xrange[0:10]
set yrange[0:10]
set xtics ("low" 0, "medium" 5, "high" 10)

Set size only changes the size of the graph relative
to the paper, for example if you want to try and make
it look square or something. Hope this helps.....


> Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 22:19:35 -0400

> Subject: size of plots

> I am making some plots for publication. The plots
> need to be the same size and
> the text needs to be in the same places from plot to
> plot. In short the
> graphs need to be the same; only the data should
> change. However all of my
> xaxis sizes are different. I have tried the "size"
> command. However the
> problem with this command is it includes the graph
> area AND the margin area.
> So If one figure title has a superscript and the
> next does not then the xaxis
> are no longer the same physical size when the entire
> figure is scaled to
> 3.25" wide. What I reall want to be able to do is
> hold two printouts up to
> the light and have the xaxis be EXACTLY the same.
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Your right it doesn't plot this properly, and I think
your right its probably because the number becomes
incredibly small. One way around this though is to

plot (x<-20?0:(x>20?0:exp(-x**2)))

which defines a function which is zero less than -20
and greater than 20, but is exp(-x**2) inbetween thos
values. This works, but its somewhat of a fix. Maybe
someone knows exactly why this happens? But I hope
this helps


        difficulties plotting exp(-x**2) in the range

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