multiple graphs, subplots, multiple y-axis

multiple graphs, subplots, multiple y-axis

Post by Ken Laberteau » Fri, 09 Feb 1996 04:00:00

OK, here's my sad story:

I'm running unix on a Sun Sparc. I want to have a version of gnuplot which supports multiple
plots (subplots and/or multiple y-axis) on one page for my outputs from Octave.  Octave
helpfully informs me that in order to do this, I need a version of Gnuplot which is able to
create multiple pictures on one page.  

My version of gnuplot is 3.5, which does not support multiple plots on one page.

So I go to the From the gnuplot FAQ I read:

Q4.3: Does gnuplot support multiple y-axes on a single plot?
      Yes, with two unofficial mods, multiplot.shar and borders.shar. They can be obtained
from or

      Also, 3.6 supports this capability.

Q4.4: Can I put multiple plots on a single page?
      Yes, with the multiplot.shar mod, or if you are running gnuplot 3.6. If you are using
PostScript output,
      check out mpage, which can be ftp'd from

So I went and got  My first thought
is that this is a dos file type, probably not too helpful to me.  I go ahead and unstuff it
and get a file called multiplt+.dif, which was indeed unhelpful.

So I ask, can I get these patches for my standard unix system?  Are they easy to add on to my
existing gnuplot?  Is it easier just to install the beta 2.6?

Any and all suggestions would be great.  Please email me since I rarely read this group.