passing parameters to a gp 'program'

passing parameters to a gp 'program'

Post by giacomo boff » Thu, 12 Feb 1998 04:00:00

i have devised this kludge, in i have:

soil=`echo $soil`

and i launch gnuplot from {,k,ba}sh like this:

% soil=3 gnuplot


it works also with filenames, e.g., if in i have

set out `echo $file`

and launch gnuplot like this:

% file=\"\" gnuplot

a file `' is written


while it works, my method seems to me very kludgy... what i'd really
like in gp36 is a supported method to pass parameters values

% gnuplot -p soil=3

avoiding the soil=`echo $soil` in my programs

now that i'm daydreaming, if i had the above, i'd like also a
conditional assignment operator, to assign a default value to a
parameter if it is not set on the shell command line

thank you for your attention


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