Please Help with GNUPLOT (DOS) and display memory

Please Help with GNUPLOT (DOS) and display memory

Post by David M Davenpo » Tue, 01 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am running gnuplot 3.5 (DOS) as part of a Matcom Matlab-to-C
setup and keep getting the following error message:

"No memory available for expanding curve points"

I'd greatly appreciate any help in resolving this problem.
Personal email to the address below is prefered.

Thanks much,
Dave Davenport


1. Memory Allocation with MS-DOS/Windows GnuPlot

I have been exploring the possibility of using GnuPlot to plot complex
surfaces on a PC.  I downloaded an MS-DOS version of GnuPLot from a
Finnish site.  However, when I tried typing in

I received the following message:

Can not allocate more than 64k in MS-DOS.

This is frustrating since I have over 300 MB of RAM on my PC.  Is there
any way that I can change these settings or download a version of
GnuPlot that can splot large surface files?

Many thanks in advance,
Peter Likonen.

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