Styling designer-3D data Alias specialist wanted

Styling designer-3D data Alias specialist wanted

Post by Andrea Ferrar » Thu, 25 Jan 2001 02:40:08

Engines Engineering styling design department
is looking for a styling designer-3D data, Alias specialist.

Please send a copy of your C.V. and a covering letter presenting yourself in
English or Italian


Giorgio Mazzotti
Engines Engineering srl.
Via Pasquali 6
40055 Castenaso
(Bologna) ITALY

phone +39 051 6050312
fax     +39 051 6050049


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I'm looking for a a 3D animation specialist in NYC. This company
has a wonderful product which is going digital. It will be on a major
network in the near future, due to an alliance w/ Media Player Ron
Perlman. If you have an interest in film, music, and consider yourself
an artist who produces 3D worlds, this position may be for you.

Exp w/ Strata, Softimage, or Lightwave? Call me. Exp w/ NT or SGI? Call
me. Adobe Products? Call me. Young at heart? Call me. Do you fear your
talents may be used for clever commercials, only be praised my suits
with demographic interests only? Call me. 212-557-5000 x252. I'll be
happy to fill you in. Til then, thanks for your time, Clark

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