Offer to help with Alias PowerAnimator

Offer to help with Alias PowerAnimator

Post by bdpow.. » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi All.

I'm extending and offer to help people with their Alias problems.  If
you post a message here (directed towards me), or send me an e-mail,
I'll try to be of assistance.

I'm not a programmer, so if you need that kind of help, I'm not the
one to assist you.

Here's a little background on me...

I've been using Alias PowerAnimator for about 3 1/4 years and have
been working at Dynamix, Inc. (computer game company) for the past 2.
I produce cinematic animations and effects for most of our Simulation
products, as well as box-covers.


1. FS: Alias wavefront PowerAnimator 8.0 w/ manuals and learning Alias video

FS: Alias wavefront PowerAnimator 8.0 w/ manuals
I have recently moved to NT and still have this package for IRIX
w/ License. License for Composer lite 4.0 included as well.
"Composer lite 4.0 software not included"

I have the following manuals:

Alias Overview                                          P/N: 010-8001
Rendering in Alias                                    P/N: 010-8007
Alias Complementary Applications        P/N: 010-8009
Installation and Release notes                P/N: 010-8008
Global Index                                              P/N: 010-8004
Nurbs Modeling in Alias                           P/N: 010--8002
Learning Alias V8                                    P/N: 010-8003

CD1-Install -- Contains "ALL" Alias software including Alias complementary
CD2-3DCD -- Contains All the file for lessons contained in the Learning
Alias V8 manual
as well as a complete set of "ALL" of the manuals listed above plus :

Polygonal Modeling in Alias
Animating in Alias

 and much more valuable information on the command line functions of Alias.
All are in HTML format

I will Also include the learning Alias classrrom video which goes thru the
Learning alias book and has segments where you stop the tape and do the
Lesson out of the book. " very helpful!!!!!"
this package is still a VERY competetive package and some of he best work
that has been done in computer graphics was done in this package. Feature
films include "Jarasic Park, Jumanji, and Independance Day."

I'm currently taking offers on this package
please sen offers to

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