Particle transparancy question.

Particle transparancy question.

Post by Rowan Crawfo » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Anyone had experience with particle transparacy? I'm reandering them as
blobby and self shadowing and which to have them slightly transparant,
but it seems that the particles have no middle ground better opaque and
"very" transparant. Even at a transparacy of just 1,1,1 the resulting
transparacy appears to be more like what I'd expect at 200,200,200. I can hardly
see them when I render a matte.

Whats up?



1. Adv. Particle Question-particles emiting particles

Hello all,
Is it possible in Max2.5 for particles to emit other particles.
Specifically, lets say you use PBomb to explode a mesh (instead of Bomb
so you can use deflection, etc.), can the mesh faces, which are
technically "particles" emit another particle system such as smoke.  I
recall reading something about spawning but I am not sure if this would
be the way to do it.  I am specifically thinking about how in Alias, you
can explode a mesh and have the faces emit smoke but still be affected
by environmental variables such as wind, deflection, etc. because
essentially a "particle" is linked to each surface that allows it to
deflect etc., but the mesh face itself, which is not technically a
particle, emits the smoke system.  Maybe it is just terminology but do
you see the difference?  How do you do this in Max?

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