maya 3 licencing

maya 3 licencing

Post by ALI TEZE » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 04:00:00


i just got my copy of maya 3 complete and i am very happppyyyy:)))

when i went to pick up the box today , my reseller told me that in maya 3 ,
there is a new way of licencing (ethernet licencing or something like that)

now , he also gave me a hardware lock (rev 2.2) , will maya 3 work with the
hardware lock ?.

what is the easiest way to licence?

now you may be saying why dont you go ahead and install , and try? , i wont
be able to install the package until tomorrow , so any help will be much

thanks a lot


maya 3 licencing

Post by Jason Baski » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi Ali-

The hardware lock will work (once you receive your encryption code), but a
lot of people (including myself) prefer using an ethernet card for
authentication instead because of Alias/Wavefront's stolen hardware policy.
Apparently, a lost or stolen hardware key will not be replaced by Alias,
whereas a lost, stolen, or replaced ethernet card would only require a new
encryption license (which Alias is supposedly always happy to provide).
Using an ethernet card for authentication involves one additional step of
generating a hardware related code (through Maya's licensing tool), which
must be submitted to Alias so that an encryption code can be generated.
Otherwise, to my knowledge, there is no difference between a hardkey and
ethernet lock.