raycasting error: deadline loometh

raycasting error: deadline loometh

Post by Scott Goffm » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

>ERROR: renderer exited with exit code 1

Sounds like you misused the Build Surf -> Set Planar function. Once
you select that function, you can then click on a two-dimensional curve
(i.e., planar), and it will make a flat face out of it. BUT, if you then
click on another curve, it tries to use that curve to cut a hole in
the surface you just created. It will continue doing this with every
curve you click on until you select another function, or re-select
the Build Surf -> Set Planar function.

So somewhere in your scene, you have an object named (probably) "curve#n",
Type: FACE, that you'll have to rebuild. Good luck!

- Scott Goffman  
- 3-D Animator
- Activision Studios