Maya Fur data file information

Maya Fur data file information

Post by Nicholas Yu » Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:43:00

I understand that Maya writes out some data file for use in it's fur
rendering process and that MTOR/UltraFur possibly uses that file to generate
the RIB.

Where can I find out more about the format of Maya Fur data file.

YUE, Tan Meng (Nicholas)


1. fur problem: maya doesn't render fur


 I'm completly new to the Maya enviroment. As a first movement, I
wanted to create a furry sphere -one of the aspects I found really
appealing in Maya -. I supposed that should be not that hard.
 After getting no fur at all, I read all what I had on my hands. I set
a spot light, I make sure in the fur that the "render fur" switch is
on, and I select appropiate colors for hair. But when I render the
image, what I get is a simple sphere, without any fur..

 Any help / commetary would be really appreciated.


   - Juancho

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