what happened to the creative cow

what happened to the creative cow

Post by David Johnso » Wed, 11 Jun 2003 11:17:50

Does anybody know what may have happened to www.creativecow.net?
(Its the maya forum I am interested in, but the whole site seems to be
down - for the past few weeks)


David Johnson



1. Maya Creative Cow Happy Holidays...

Howdy folks! Us Maya nuts over at the Creative Cow forum (www.creativecow.net)
just wanted to wish you all a happy holidays and invite those of you who are
new to the board to visit us over there. It's a great place to exchange Maya
knowledge and right now were currently on a Lord of the Rings/Maya kick. Swing
by and join a wide array of talented Maya vets on the board.
cheers and happy holidays!

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