Rendering errors

Rendering errors

Post by Old Ti » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I've been having problems rendering a current project.  It was rendering
fine (as well as rendering once this morning) and now it won't render.
Nothing has changed (that I can remember) significantly since the last
time it rendered.  Here is the message in the errlog.

rendering error: User defined signal 1

Any idea what's wrong?


Rendering errors

Post by Gary Coulte » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

> rendering error: User defined signal 1

> Any idea what's wrong?
> DKim

        The error code 144 means that you are out of memory, simply put your
        scene / object is too big, I could be wrong as I don`t have the manuals
                with me right now, but I am pretty certain thats your problem. Here at DMU
                we have similar problems. The main cause is not enoght RAM: we have
                around 64M/Bytes on our Extremes, and this crops up quite often.

        So what can you do? well there are a number of solutions the first is to buy
                more RAM :-) Alternatively you can increase your virtual memory by assigning
                a larger swap file, this should help if your swap file is currently quite small in
                relation to your total installed RAM: If you are rendering in the background
                with Alias still running you might try saving your SDL file manually, quiting
                Alias (this will free around 10M/Byte+) and starting your render from the unix
               command line .... i.e.

               renderit -r raytracer /tmp_mount/usr/people/gary1/user_data/demo/sdl/myscene.sdl

        If this still fails you will have to take more drastic action, although you could
                raycast your scene instead of using the raytracer. This won`t give you nice
                real-world reflections and refractions, but it will save you quite a lot of memory.

        renderit  /tmp_mount/usr/people/gary1/user_data/demo/sdl/myscene.sdl

        If all this fails then you may have to stream-line your model, by deleteing or
                simplifying  complex geometry. If you have a lot of lights (especially spots)
                you might want to remove as many as you can. I have quite a few scenes
                that rendered fine until I started adding lights. Even when raycasting spot
                lights require huge amounts of RAM: for shadow maps. you might also want
                to reduce your surface subdivisions in Object Mod->Render Stats,  by altering
                the U / V subdivision parameters.

        Hope some of this helps ... -Gary-
* ----------------------------- Gary Coulter -------------------------- *
                            MA Multimedia Design
                   DeMontfort University ... Leicester UK.


Rendering errors

Post by Halfsto » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

other ways of saving on memory are to make sure as many lights as possible
are exclusively linked to their respective objects, and that you have been
efficient in assigning the optimum subdivision min/max in the render stats
window.  Turn them way down for square objects, and also turn shadows off
for objects that are only receiving shadows (walls, etc.).  You can make
surfaces single-sided, too, but you have to make sure the surface normals
are facing in the right direction or they won't render.  Or ... now that
Alias is Alias/Wavefront - have you considered rendering your scene in
pieces and compositing it together?  If your background is a still frame,
no sense rendering 300 frames...
Hope this all helps ....

Rendering errors

Post by DKim 0 » Sat, 22 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Thanks for the info.  I don't think it is a low memory situation.  I
rendered the same file just a day before.  Since then I have found the
culprit (a particle system from a shader).  It is only a donut model (not
much more than a tirus with it's CVs pulled a bit (subdivisions at 2/4
adaptive) with a particle system/shader, another layered shader, two
forces, spot and ambient lights.  I've remedied the situation.  Thanks for
the info though, will come in handy.

Dong Kim


Rendering errors

Post by DKim 0 » Sat, 22 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Oh, yeah.  The machine has 160 megs (indigoIIEX), not sure on the swap
space, but should be enough (it's rendered larger more complex scenes).
Dong Kim

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