Blending surfaces are not rendering with raycaster

Blending surfaces are not rendering with raycaster

Post by Opal Down » Fri, 01 May 1998 04:00:00

I have a trimmed surface with blends.All the blends show up fine with
raytracing, however one in particular does not render at all when I
raycast.All the blends have the same shader.


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I am using the following batch file to render across network (doit.bat):
%1:\lightwave_3d_7.0\programs\lwsn -3 -c%1:\lightwave_3d_7.0\programs -d%2 %3 %4
%5 1

Usually i do (from network computers):
doit L L c:\myfile.lws 0 500
..and LW renders a a BMP sequence of my scene. I've used it many times with
Unfortunately if my scene has object with a file sequence surface they won't
render on computers over the network. On the host machine it renders OK. I've set
the mappings Ok on the other computers since everything else render - just not
the surface with a sequence or AVI surface.

I am rendering a scene with a TV. The TV "show" a program that is not rendering.

The must be some setting that the usual home/content directory setting do not
cover. All object, BMP, AVI, scene file are in the same directory as my lws

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