Help me about my work on 3d landscape from DEM

Help me about my work on 3d landscape from DEM

Post by dedand » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 04:09:21

This is my story:
Now i'm a beginner Maya user, i love it!
I must create a 3D valley from a DEM (digital elevation map).
I need to fly in with camera.
My problems are:

I can not see a 3dmodel terrain onto Nurbs (but i know that i can use height
field map).
But sure I must have a low level detail when i'm far from terrain with
Otherwise I must see better detail when I'm on close up. am I any
possibility to do it?
And could I join on the terrain an intelligent LOD (no poly when i don't
need ya, and many polygons when i must see mountains)....
Some Mel procedure or people who have it my same problem.... with Maya!
I bring any help anyone of you can will give me.


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By the way, I'd like to know the structure of DEM files.

Thanks in advance.

Jose Luis Tirado
  Bilbao, Spain


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