pst/pstget file questions...

pst/pstget file questions...

Post by Jeff Saltzma » Fri, 01 Sep 1995 04:00:00

First, how would I get a .pst file to access the Alias lister?
         Since I have fields in a .pst file which refer to file info,
  it would be very nice to be able to call up the Alias lister
  to browse for this file info.

Second, does anybody know of a source (internet or otherwise) for pst
files and/or resources?  I'd really just like some more example files,
to see what others are doing with the pst thing...

Will pst be supported in V7, or does it get replaced with new stuff?

Thanks in advance,



1. Combining info in a pst with a database

Lets say I currently have a floor plan drawing in visio which can be
converter to any type of graphical format or html. This floor plan has
desk locations, phone extensions, computer serial numbers, port
numbers, etc. These type of things change when users move to a new

Having a drawing like this for an entire company becomes outdated
quickly. Is there a way I can create a database with all of the
relevant information so that only the database needs to be changed and
the drawing is updated automatically using a hotspot, slice, comment
field, etc.

Anyone have any ideas that can throw out to send me down the right


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