Rendeman Support?

Rendeman Support?

Post by Howard » Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I heard a rumor that 7.0 was going to provide expanded renderman support
in its rib file output. Anybody know anything about this?



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In my program I have a shape hierarchy including many figures. I want to do some
event handling program and when I clicking on the window i want to know which shape
I click on/in.

I use a N3DCamera and the method <- selectShapesIn:(const NXRect *)selectionRect>
returns a list of Shapes in a small selection rectangle.

Now the problems are:

1- It happens often that I click outside a shape but the system says that I am
inside. Is a shape exactly what I see or it has another region. I want only know if
a shape is only what I see what can be wrong in my program.

2- The <selectShapesIn:(const NXRect *)selectionRect> method work with up to 27-28
shapes and if I had 30 shapes it would take 15sec until it answers. Has this method
a high complexity or it might be my fault again.

At last I will be appreciate if I can look at some event handling program using  
renderMan packet


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