Position Open

Position Open

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Looking for top Artist with experience in PowerAnimator. Position
available in Colombia. if interested, contact me through my e-mail

1. GUI position open; visual tools position

Tech Visions announces various GUI development and associated positions
now open in S. California, Michigan, Illinois.

Three classes of positions open, over 6 GUI positions in all:

1.  User interface GUI developer with Windows or Motif and C++.
Develop user interfaces for a state of the art graphics package.
Exposure to   CAD/CAM would be a plus for one of the positions.
2.  Artist with some software development background or particularly
artistically inclined person with background in presentation graphics
or analytical software or interfaces or graphics of same.  A full-time
permanent position, the project involves joining and assisting a team
of a large software house which badly needs the intuition of an artist
to help define and help direct a friendly and artistic interface of
large packages.  Design manipulation controls, customization functions,
and a company style manual that would act as a template of artistic
emphasis for further releases.  Pluses would be exposure to one or
more:  macromedia director, supercard, Visual Basic, photoshop, or
other visual design tools, IBM, win95.  Location:  IL, salary 55k-80k.
3.  Assist in a team effort developing user interfaces for applications
in mechanucal engineering software and graphics software.  This is not
a development position per se, as knowledge of the requirements of a
CAD user or mechanical engineer are sought.  Customize the GUI for the
end-user of various 3-d modeling softwares.  

Salaries will range from the mid-$60's K to $90 K and higher for
exceptional candidates as Sr. Technical Leaders.  Benefits, incentives,
bonuses, and full, extended relocation may be offered.  These are full
time, permanent positions to support long term development. Candidates
must be in North America now, but need not be U.S.P.R.  

Join an established and successful company, with wide ranging contracts
in design automation.  

To apply in confidence please send your resume and / or  contact:

Mike Rund
Tech Visions         (positions in California, Michigan, other states
as well)
P.O. Box 1144
Dahlonega,  GA  30533

please do not Re: reply to this newsgroup, USE physical address above

or fax  (706)-864-1255 - my direct fax
or call (706)-864-1244 - my direct line
If you like, send your resume two ways, eg., fax and surface mail.

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