Particles and Global Fog just don't mix...

Particles and Global Fog just don't mix...

Post by Dong Ki » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

>What am I missing here? I'm rendering an "underwater" scene, so
>I have a thick Global Fog turned on. Objects fade quite nicely
>into the murky water. But I also have some particle kelp beds
>waving around, and the particle renderer seems to completely
>ignore my fog setttings!!! No matter how far from the camera, the
>particles are crystal clear. Anyone else run into this with
>Alias V6.0?

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A friend of mine ran into a similar problem with rendering particles
with fog lights.  But in his case the foglight had a very sharp cut off
as if no ramp had been applied (which it had).  He's been able to
reproduce his problem in new files as well.  Seems like there's some
sort of bug in particles and fog lights in the same scene.

Do you get the same results for the particles with no fog lights?

Dong Kim

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I was making this underwater scene, trying to do the dust you always
see floating right in front of the camera and I found out that
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Now I've tried to do the dust in steamer, but I can't get it right.
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later - michiel

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