Alias Studiotools v11 interface!

Alias Studiotools v11 interface!

Post by FoSi » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 21:24:23

Hi all...
just some questions... does anyone allready tryed v11?
Will the interface change? and what are the majors differnces on the
interface and worflow?
if someone could post a url for some screenshots!

thank you very much for the reply


1. Alias|Wavefront/SGI Interface Contract Job in Orlando Area

Job Description:
    Develop an Interface between FaroArm 3D Digitizer and
Alias|Wavefront Designer on Sillicon Graphic Workstation
using Alias Open Model API. FaroArm communicates via RS232
serial port. Simply sending  "_P" will return current XYZ
position of the probe along with status of the trigger as an
ASCII numeric string.

or mail it to:

Faro Technologies Inc.
125 Technology Park
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Attn: Allen Sajedi


718 Galsworthy Ave. Orlando, FL 32809-6429  phone (407) 859-0982  81 23 11 W

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