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Does anybody know who did the cinematic sequences for *r?

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1. !!FREELANCERS!! I need talented 3DS Max freelancers in Florida-NOW!

Attention MAX artists!!
My name is Jeff White. I am a video producer/animator located in South
Florida. I need 1 or 2 talented Max users (with at least 2 years of
experience) for a project that needs a quick turnaround. This will be a
freelance gig that pays.
I don't have the project yet, but it looks very promising. If I get it,
which I should know by Thursday, March 16, I will need to do this
project fast. Really fast. I'm talking a week maybe two tops. It has to
look great and be done right the first time. It's a big project that
requires more man power and computing power than what I have available
right now. The turnaround time is what's killing me.

Here is what I need:
You must have your own computer, Max 2.5 or better,  preferably located
in South or Central Florida
A professional...someone who knows the meaning of broadcast quality and
the importance of a deadline
A good modeler, proficient with NURBS and lighting techniques. MUST WORK
A good Character Studio animator, with their own copy of Character
Experience with Adobe After Effects and/or broadcast quality animation
is a plus.
Someone who can work full time, if not overtime, in the next week or two

Must be a self starter and be able to take direction well, and execute
what I need in a timely manner. I don't have time to hold your hand.

If you think you can handle it, or if you have any questions, please
contact me. Send me an email with your qualifications, experience,
talents and your hourly rate and a way I can contact you.  If you have a
resume or a website that shows your work, send them my way. This is a
serious offer for freelancers. Even if this project does not go through,
I can still use freelancers with their own equipment for various other
projects that frequently come in.

Thanks to all,
Jeff White

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