interactive texture in Maya

interactive texture in Maya

Post by svetlan » Sat, 21 Jun 2003 02:42:34


I would like to have an interactive texture in Maya:
One of the surfaces in my scene has a texture mapped from a file. I
would like to be able to
1.      reload the texture dynamically in the editing window as the camera is
moved and as the light source is moved.
2.      instead of loading a texture from a file, make an external call to a
program that would return a buffer with the texture image.

Is this possible to do within Maya?

Using the expression editor I was able to write a condition: when the
light is at some location, use a specific texture from a file, but that
does not get reflected unless I play the timeline (or click on some
locations on timeline). So, this is not exactly the functionality that I

Thank you,

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