ULTIMATE list of Render Farm Network Rendering Tools for Maya

ULTIMATE list of Render Farm Network Rendering Tools for Maya

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Network Rendering  / Network Distribution / NT Render Farm Solutions:

I think the demo version let's you render to your hearts content on two
computers and then is $620 for unlimited computers on NT and UNIX(IRIX &
LINUX?) or $770 with a year of tech support.
Best value for mixed platform renderfarms with 3+ computers.
Slow to download DEMO

I'm not sure what the DEMO allows but I recall that it was $150 per
Best feature it's crossplatform.

Windows Only. Render Pools. Error Correction. UI & Command Line.
$100 per computer. Good value if have 4 or less computers.
 Site license for $5000 (good if value if you have 50+ computers).
Best feature is that it will support other net renderable applications.
Two week Demo

http://www.rendercorp.com They've got GOD on their side.
$595 for first 5 license, $150 for additonal packs of  5.
Best feature is the Image Scatter which allows the network to render
chunks of  a single image.
Good value if you only have 3+ Windows machines.
Downloadable DEMO

Windows Only,Pools/Group,Error correction
Supports Maya, Lightwave or Chalice but requires seperate license for
each (SUCK!)
Pro version Best features: Supports Image Slicing and command line
Standard $99 per CPU$6000 a good value if you have more than 60+ CPU's.
Pro $149 per CPU $9000 a good value if you have over 90+ cpu's
(That's right ! per CPU not per computer SUCK!)
You can request a DEMO

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