Error codes for PA 8.5 (render errors)

Error codes for PA 8.5 (render errors)

Post by Chris Souku » Fri, 28 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi there!

Where can I find the error code descriptions for Alias PA 8.5 ?
I browsed through all books but couldn't find any infos about error
code. I my special case I have a strange entry in the errlog file
occured during says "bus error - core dumped" ...(what
"bus"? something with the hardware?)

Thanx in advance for any help with this...


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Error codes for PA 8.5 (render errors)

Post by Thatcher Bel » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I've seen PA do this in a variety of situations. Usually has something to
do with particles or animated CV's or clusters. I've found rendering in
'write multiple sdl ' allows the render to complete.

Hope it helps,
Thatcher Bell


1. Rendering bus error PA 8.5

I've got an animated character in PA 8.5 on an O2 w/ 128M of RAM that keeps
crashing when I render him. The messege is "bus error - core dumped ". When I
go into the model I can find the joint which is causing the problem and in the
action window , move the keyframes after the bad frame +.05 . This fixes the
problem until it hits the next frame where it decides there is a problem and
crashes again. Then once I have gone through the whole animation and try to
render it again , I have a whole new set of frames which cause the bus error .
What do I have to do to avoid this or debug it before rendering?

Thanks ,
Thatcher Bell

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