Alias, productivity, and the world of 3d s/w in general

Alias, productivity, and the world of 3d s/w in general

Post by David Ruigh M3-190 x687 » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I really think I will go mad if Alias crashes one more time before
this project is fini... "...attempting to save model as .m_saved_garbage_you_can't_retreive_and_it'll_only_crash_again_anyway..."
I know, all 3d software has bugs, all animators endure this, it's
just part of this business, and I better damn well get used to it. Right?
I can hear it already: "reality check time..." "if you want to run with the
big dogs..." "maybe you should try golf..." "It never crashes on me,
are you sure you're not doing something stupid?" etc...etc... ad nauseum, ad
infiitum. Flame away, I've had 8 hours of sleep in the past week, give
me a reason :+}

Hmm. Must it be? I have had Pro-E running on my "day job" workstation
for about a month (and no, not just idling in the backround). It is
a similarly complex chunk of software (it takes up no less space on
my disk), and is generally about 10 times less crash prone than ANY of
the SGI animation packages I have used.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the dedication, brilliance and pain
that goes into writing an application as complex and versatile as Alias,
and it looks like they have done an incredible job with V7, Maya looks
even more enticing. It's not the features and capabilities I'am *ing about,
It's not their excellent hotline support, it's reliability. What if Rob Burgess made a decree "We will improve robustness and stability of our products by an order of magnitude by 2Q '96" He has already said he want's to create products that can "...simulate anything..." (in his presentation at the Siggraph '95 A/W UG meeting). I've heard there are significant improvements in reliability
for V7, but us mortals without unlimited access to beta s/w have to
meet our deadlines with <=V6.0a. And it's looming ever closer.

If animation was easy, everyone would be doing it right? (why aren't those
20,000 kids with Pentiums and 3D Studio taking over the animation biz).

Dave (who feels like one of the Enterprise's crew in the episode where
they were caught in a Tychon's rift, deprived of rem sleep by their
alian counterpart's telepathic pleas for help. That's the answer! I'll
release 10000 cubic meters of hydrogen from the Boussard collectors
into the SGI and KABOOM!,)


1. Interview with Fritz Kuederli, Alias|Wavefront General Manager Europe, Middle East, Africa - english / deutsch

english / deutsch


As probably all of you know by now, Alias|Wavefront  is
"restructuring" - a mild expression for closing down the development
centers in Santa Barbara and Seattle and also cutting down on jobs in

I talked to Fritz Kuederli, General Manager of Alias|Wavefront for
Europe, the Middle East and Africa about the current problems. In our
9 minute telephone interview recorded on March 15, Fritz Kuederli
states that the cut-downs will not affect the development; however,
"very few" of the roughly 50 employees in Europe might lose there
jobs. Fritz Kuederli concedes that it would have been wiser having
taken a closer look into the company's finances earlier. He makes the
current weakness of the software industry in general resposible for
the problems in his company and expects growth within a year's time.

The interview is in RealAudio format.




Alias|Wavefront unterzieht sich einer "Restrukturierung" - eine milde
Bezeichnung dafr, dass die Entwicklungszentren in Santa Barbara und
Seattle geschlossen und auch in Europa Einsparungen vorgenommen

Ich sprach ber diese Probleme mit Fritz Kderli, dem Chef von
Alias|Wavefront fr Europa, den Mittleren Osten und Afrika. In unserem
10-mintigen Telefoninterview vom 15.3. erkl?rte Kderli, dass es
keine Krzungen im Software-Entwicklungsbereich gebe, man aber ber
Einsparnisse in anderen Bereichen, auch in Europa nachdenke, wo
derzeit 50 Angestellte arbeiten. Kderli r?umte ein, dass es besser
gewesen w?re, frhzeitiger einen sch?rferen Blick auf die Finanzen des
Konzerns zu werfen. Insgesamt macht er die Konjunkturflaute der
Softwareindustrie fr die Probleme in seiner Firma verantwortlich und
rechnet damit, in einem Jahr aus dem Tief heraus zu sein.

Ihr h?rt das Interview in deutscher Sprache unter dem angegebenen


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