PainEffect Site and Question

PainEffect Site and Question

Post by jplafort.. » Fri, 21 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I found this very interesting site yesterday :

And my question is a beguinner question trying
to do his own brush...

I've copied the rope.mel brush and its icon to
a personal directory (in ...\Maya\brushes\..).
I've changed the names, edited the mel so it link
to my image (bPsetName "imageName" "seam_jeans.tif";)
my image is a Tiff file renamed as .icon ?!?! (is it ok?)
the "seam_jeans.tif" is in ...\Maya\brushes\brushImages.

When I go back to Maya, I see my brush as a Maya icon
and when i use it, it's still the rope brush ??

Someone can help ?

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