Raytracing Problem with V6.0a

Raytracing Problem with V6.0a

Post by Parallax Graphics Systems Gmb » Fri, 25 Aug 1995 04:00:00


I've got a problem to raytace a sdl-file. When I start the raytracer in a shell (raytracer -s100 -
S200 sdl/a-anim), a few fields (sometimes just one field) are traced correctly and then the
tracer stops and returns: "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" or "Bus error (core dumped). I
can start the raytracer again from the next frame on, but after one ore two frames the same
error occurs. When I render the same sdl-file it's working correctly. I had also never problems
whith the 'old' raytracer V6.0, but now I need to use the V6.0a. (I have light glows in the
I don't think, that it is hardware error, because I had this problem once before and I could fix it.
But now, I can't remember how.

Hardware: Indigo R3000, 80MB RAM, XL24Z
Software: Irix 5.2 / PowerAnimator 6.0a

Thanks for your help

Anicad, Switzerland
Oliver Schuster


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The problem has been reported for several programs after the
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I had a similar problem with TrueSpace 1.0, but after the
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