Retargeting SDK?

Retargeting SDK?

Post by MikeWh » Mon, 12 May 2003 20:25:15

Is there a quick (easy?) way to "move" the driver for a set driven key set
to another attribute in an altogether different object? I'm trying to
consolidate animation control attributes into a single top level handle
object. I can set up new attributes to drive the old ones, but was wondering
if there's a way to replace the existing driver keys with the new attributes



1. version hell: which OGL => msvc 4.2, platform sdk, win32 sdk, ie3.01

I've been trying to upgrade to msvc4.2 with ie3.01 and platform sdk,
but I'm seeing new crashes in OGL which I assume are due to version
conflicts.  The latest OGL libs and headers are from the Win32 SDK
(11/26/96), but so far the only opengl32.dll I can get is 8/8/96.
Anyone know what the right combination is and how to get it?

Thanks very much,
--Eric Hoppe
inXight Software

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