Match-Perspective Software wanted

Match-Perspective Software wanted

Post by Gregor Hartman » Tue, 12 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Our company is spezialized in architectural visualization. We are using
AutoCAD (PC & SGI Versions), Alias (Poweranimator & Designer), AVID MSP,
some in-house stuff and lots of utilities.
One of our main problems is matching a digital Camera (usually within
Alias software) with a real-world camera. Usually we have real-world
coordinates of most of the objects within the photograph because we do
survey as well, but we dont know the camera position, viewpoint, lens
type, etc.
In most cases we get nice photographs, that show the scene at best
weather conditions but were shot weeks or even years ago by someone else.
So what Im looking for, is a way to make references between the
3D-geometry we rebuilt within AutoCAD or Alias PA and that same objects
on the photograph, then the camera parameters should be recalculated. The
result should be output as an ASCII - File or whatever.  The whole thing
does not have to work on sequences, still images would be fine to begin

Anybody heard of something like that ???
By the way I was told (by a person I do not trust), that Softimage has a
way to do it. The local Softimage distributor hasnt heard of it either.

Ciao, Gregor

(My Internet gate is down...)

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