stupid bee jokes

stupid bee jokes

Post by Dan Byer » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 12:10:27

Hi!  I've recently finished my first "real" animation.  To see it, go to:

It's about 2.2 megs in size, so those of you with dial-ups should consider
yourself warned :)  I created the images with POV-Ray, recorded audio using
Opcode Vision DSP, and edited it with Quicktime Pro.  Enjoy! :)

Goofy Graffix -

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1. Am I stupid or is Adobe stupid?

After trying to figure out why my web pictures look so bad, I found yet
another thing that makes me wonder what the heck Adobe is thinking.

I have PS7 set to work in the Adobe RGB working space through the color
preferences panel.  I open up my Adobe RGB files, *CONVERT* them to sRGB,
then "Save for the Web", but Photoshop still saves these files in the Adobe
RGB color space because that is my working space!!  Thus, my web images look
like garbage.  If a file is converted to be sRGB, shouldn't Adobe think that
it should be saved out as sRGB, regardless of your working space??
Especially if you are "saving for web"???  Geez...

Setting my working space to sRGB fixes the problem, but I still think it's
stupid that you should have to do this.

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