FreeBSD Animation Viewer that understands geometry ???

FreeBSD Animation Viewer that understands geometry ???

Post by Root » Fri, 16 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Subject says it all, really.

I can't get 'xanim' nor 'mpeg_play' to do something like this:

xanim -geometry 123x123+123+123 filename

or something like that.

Anyone know any animation players that accept geometry?

I'm running FreeBSD 2.

Thanks in advance,


1. PD combinatorial solid geometry viewer?

Does anyone know of a public domain graphics package for displaying 3D
combinatorial solid geometry (CSG) models? Something from one of the
national laboratories, perhaps?

The primary requirements are efficiency and clarity in rendering
complicated geometries with many intersecting primitives.  Something
already interfaced to X Windows and/or Motif or OPEN GL would be best,
as would direct compatibility with GIFT or BRL-CAD CSG definitions, but
these are secondary issues.

Please e-mail any suggestions in addition to replies to the newsgroups
since our newsfeed is lousy at times.

Also please recommend any additional newsgroups you feel are more
appropriate for this posting.


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