Help with AAPLAY scripts

Help with AAPLAY scripts

Post by Kevin Philli » Mon, 20 Mar 1995 08:32:50

Hi folks..

I have just spent the last 15 hours using POV, DTA and some C proggys to
develop a sequence of FLI files for a presentation I hope to do in the
next 3-4 days - I have one problem though..

I want to be able to call them up when required, and nice and smoothly.

I need to exit each FLI in graphics mode so that some custom C program
can be used to draw/put text onto the last frame..

PLAY by trilobyte is nice - but as its the shareware version, it exits
and prints all the copyright guff on the screen. (I could send away $39
for the whole version but I need this thing in 2 days!)

My other alternative is AAPLAY - the only way I can see to pass any type
of parameters is via scripting - and thats where I need help!

Can anybody tell me what all the paramaters for AAPLAY are?  I know -l#
for looping and -S# for speed, but thats about all I know!

If somebody could eMail me any info at all URGENTLY, it would be appreciated!

Thanks folks!