Output quality for FILC -> AVI

Output quality for FILC -> AVI

Post by Shenwei B. L » Thu, 10 Mar 1994 01:35:17

Hi, folks,

I have some Autodesk FLIC files and would like to convert them into AVI
format. According to the document of Adobe Premiere 1.0, it's an Digital
Video Editing Tools, Microsoft RLE compressor should be the best for
compressing animation and computer-synthesized images. But when I tried
this compressor in VidEdit 1.0 (vfw) and Adobe Premiere 1.0, the output
results are terriable.....I can not image!

Yesterday, I tried to get vfw 1.1 and try again.......it did improve a
lot.....but still not good, especially when the animation was made by
scrolling the image (horizontally or vertically). Is it a limitation
of RLE or just a bug again! Is there any way to improve that situation?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.



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