Call for Participants: SF Bay Area Animation Master User Group Jan Mtg

Call for Participants: SF Bay Area Animation Master User Group Jan Mtg

Post by Richard Herma » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS:  Bay Area AM/MHA User Group Meetings, 1996

The first general meeting of "BAAMUG" will be Thursday evening, January
25th at UCSF (location details to follow).  At that time, the future
meeting schedule for the next 6 months will also be announced, however
you can assume meetings will be held the fourth Thursday evening of
every month.  Questions or comments, please also send them directly to

possible (of course feel free to publish them to the broader list).

In general, the format of the meetings will be the following:

:15      general business items (sponsors, meeting agenda, announcements,

:60     GUEST TOPIC - this is someone who is an actual practitioner, with
good skills to impart (to teach us all "good habits") in using AM/MHA
as well as other ancillary tools or techniques

:60     unstructured free time for "hands-on" (we're working on having
both mac and windows machines available for the meetings) where various
members and guests show off current AM/MHA projects, talk with others,
share idea
s/problems etc.

I'm also working on a small list of "corporate sponsors" who might be
willing to donate loaner equipment, money for pizzas at the meetings,
that kind of thing.  If you have ideas, or you have a company willing
to help out, please contact me --don't worry about the cost, our needs
are simple.

"PRO" just someone with a reasonable skill level to speak on some area
of the topics below.  If you have a topic or suggestion not on the list
please by all means e-mail it to me.  We'd like your presentation to
combine actual screen activity or at least screen shots from AM/MHA,
but you might want to also have "stand-up" slides, videotape,
flipcharts etc.  But we're open to your suggestions.  Please contact
* Herman directly, and VENDORS ARE WELCOME as long as the person you
are sending is a PRACTITIONER.  E-mail me directly if you're


(Note: don't worry about doing them "all" or just one --the presenter
will be the judge of how much or how little scope he/she intends to
cover.  Furthermore, we've tried to arrange these items less "dryly" so
that we gain a feel for how someone actually produces something real.)

TOPIC AREA                      SUGGESTIONS
 (individual topics, but feel free to combine)

Planning for a Production

- What is storyboarding, when should I use it, how do I do it
- How do I "pitch" my concepts
- How do I make my own demo reel
- Working alone vs. working in a group
- Setting up, organizing my hardware, software, projects
- How do I budget a job, what should I charge
- Who buys this stuff, how do I get in contact, what do I need
- Beginning with the "end" in mind (how much animation, how much video,
what run length, what color depth, what frame size, what compression,
animated characters or video, how long will it take, can I do it etc.)

Character Development  

- Who is the character, what's the Personality
- What type of character does my audience want to see (animated or
video composited)
- Using Sculpture to build organic looking figures
- Building a Head, mapping a face, skinning and other tough "details"
- Natural looking movement (using skeletal, spines, muscles, channels,
stride-length, IK, etc.)
- Character animator's tricks of the trade

Backgrounds (the "Set")

- Determining camera position(s), movement and point of view
- Using the camera's attributes... focal length, aperture, roll, pan,
- Combining character movement, keyframing and path animation for
realistic motion
- Using the right light... controlling the light's attributes
- Texture mapping for realism...  Normal, Transparency, Bump, Diffuse,
Specular, Reflectivity, Ambiance, Cookie-Cut... animated maps
- Props for realism... when do I use "Segment Attributes" in Character,

when do I use decals?
- Special effects... headlights... lens flares... caustic lighting...
underwater... fog/haze.... smoke/fire... particles... windshields...
- Using other tools with AM/MHA... terrains...

Compositing and "Post"

- What's the "Post" module do, why do I need it and how do I use it

Of course there are many, many more ideas, but these should get us

Please respond, as the more contributions we have, the better the
outcome of the user group for all!


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