Computer Animation User's Group!

Computer Animation User's Group!

Post by Deborah L Ofsowi » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00

                C O M P U T E R    A N I M A T O R S    P L U S !
                        O F   C E N T R A L   F L O R I D A
                                January 1996!

                                "LETTER FROM THE PREZ"

Happy New Year  Computer Animators, plus...

1996, a year of opportunity!  Come join us!.

CAP has got a new look thanks to Steve Schain.  This month marks the first
edition of the official
CAP newsletter (Sorry, no email/fax version yet).  In coming issues CAPpers
will enjoy software
reviews, calendar info, late breaking news, and more...

Every 3D computer animation needs 3D models.  Most animators create models
in the software
package of their choice.  But some create physical models, then 'digitize'
them into computer form.
Come to this month's meeting to see it in action and get the scoop.  CAP is
proud to have Jon
Houston of FARO Technologies, Inc., Lake Mary, FL, to demonstrate the "Space
Arm" 3D
digitizer/modeling system.

The CAP WebTeam is diligently working to develop a presence on the Internet.

Coming soon, the CAP NFR Software Library.  Companies are dying to give us
(NFR) software for review by our members.  Steve Schain is currently
building the library.
Company contacts are welcome.  Once collected, we hope to hold a CAP
Software Fair Day.  This
will be your chance to get hands on experience with a variety of
applications for both PC and Mac.

As you may have figured by now, Steve Schain is an incurable over-achiever
desperately in need
of therapy! (ha-ha)  Please, help us fill the Membership Chair position
formerly held by, who else,
but Steve Schain.  Thanks Steve for all your energy!

Future meetings will include ElectricImage - animation software for Mac; 3D
Studio Max -
animation software for Windows NT; Sound for animation; and more.  We are
open to

And remember, CAP stands for great computer animation, informative
presentations, creative
outlets, late breaking news and opportunities, plus much more.

Take care, and keep creating...

President, COMPUTER ANIMATORS PLUS! of Central Florida


                                NOVEMBER 1995 GENERAL MEETING

                        C O M P U T E R    A N I M A T O R S    P L U S !
                                O F   C E N T R A L   F L O R I D A

                                6:30 pm, Wednesday, January 31, 1996
                     Orlando International School of Visual & Entertainment
                              6220 South Orange Blossom Trail, Suite 505-A
                                       Orlando, Florida  32809

Come see Jon Houston of FARO Technologies, Inc., Lake Mary, FL, demonstrate
the "Space
Arm" 3D digitizer/modeling system.  See how companies such as SEGA, Rebok,
and Sony
Interactive have used 3D digitizing to their advantage.

And, of course, as always, we will have great computer animation, late
breaking news,
opportunities, food and drink, giveaways, etc.

Members: FREE          Non-Members: $3          Students: $1


A G E N D A...

/ Reception / Survey / Chow!
        Brief Intro.
        Computer Animation Video
        ~~ Intermission ~~
        FARO 'SpaceArm' 3D digitizer demo
CAP Officers...

Secretary...............        Monica Keane..............      678-8233
Treasurer.............. Theodore Kowdrysh...... 422-6337
Membership Chair..     O P E N
Publicity Chair......   Jeffrey Burton...................       381-4580

NOTE:  CAP meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the
Orlando International
School of Visual & Entertainment Design.  Look for the big "6220" sign on
South Orange Blossom
Trail across from the Bill Brown Mazda.  For further details, contact Swami
at 277-0287, or contact
the Design School at 850-2660. CYA there...


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