Wanted!!.fli or .flc to .exe converter!!

Wanted!!.fli or .flc to .exe converter!!

Post by CRISTO VIENE/LO TRAE LA PEP » Wed, 24 Aug 1994 07:23:30

        Any converse program from fli or flc to exem,
        if it include sounds!!too much better!!
        Thanks on advancing!!
        Marcelo Vera


1. wanted: QT to FLC/FLI converter

A friend of mine has a rendering/animation package (Infini-D I think it's
called) that produces QT movies.  Since I'm running OS/2, I was hoping he
could produce files in FLC/FLI format.  Can anyone give me a hand?  Is there
a QT->FLC/FLI converter?  Can he get Infini-D to output FLC/FLI files?


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