PAR-like board for Mac??

PAR-like board for Mac??

Post by price al » Thu, 15 Jun 1995 04:00:00


Is there a system for the MacIntosh that is equivalent to the DPS PAR board?
(In both performance and price?)

What I am specifically looking for is the PARs abilitity to use the TBCIV to
record live video one frame at a time by manually pushing one button (or by
time-lapse) and then being able to play it back instantly. Full screen 30fps
video, ofcourse. This would be for doing stop-motion video animation.

Thanks for any info!



1. MAC video boards...ix3d board???

Does anyone have any information on the ixmicro's new 3D boards the IX3D
Ultma Rez, IX3D Pro Rez or the IX3D MAC Rokect?

I am studying character animation in school, and I am building a
workstation out of my powermac... I am useing Animation Master, PowerMac
250/w 96MB RAM, and a Sony 20" monitor... The one question left is what
video board do I go with?

I would appreciate any and all help I can get on this matter.

Please email me at



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