Unix FLI maker wanted

Unix FLI maker wanted

Post by The Traffmeist » Thu, 06 Jan 1994 09:22:13

Anyone know of a DTA equivalent for UNIX??   I have a load of 320x200 GIFs
that I'd like to compile into an FLI (or MPEG even!)




Unix FLI maker wanted

Post by Richard P. Signe » Thu, 06 Jan 1994 22:37:11

>Anyone know of a DTA equivalent for UNIX??
>I use I have a load of 320x200 GIFs

Yep.  You can convert GIFs into FLI using:


You can also convert GIFs into MPEG by first converting the GIFS to
PPM image format, then convert the PPM images to MPEG using:


I have used them both, and they both work fine.

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I am searching for a public domain fli maker to run under unix. Is there
anything like this ? DTA is nice, but only works on PC's. If not I can
try to port one to unix, that is if anyone is prepared to send me the C
source codes of a fli maker.

Cheers, Dirk


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