fli maker for unix

fli maker for unix

Post by Klaus Ehrenfri » Wed, 05 May 1993 23:52:02

I have uploaded a unix program which generates FLI-animation files
from single images to "phoenix.oulu.fi". The program is currently
located in the "incoming" directory as "fbm2fli.tar.Z".
The file "fbm2fli.txt" in the same directory holds more informations
about this program. I will only give here a short summary:

The installation of the program requires the library of the FBM package
from Michel L. Mauldin. This package is available via FTP as
"nl.cs.cmu.edu:/usr/mlm/ftp/fbm.tar.Z". See the FAQ's of "comp.graphics"
for more sources. Using this library "fbm2fli" can handle various
file formats including GIF, SUN-raster, FBM and many more. See the FBM
description for more details. In contrast to the popular MSDOS program
"dta" the "fbm2fli" program only handels images with 8-bits color depth.
The Quantization of true color images (from POV or DKB) has to be done
separately e.g. using the "fbquant" utility from the FBM package.
The generated FLI files follow the new standard used by the
"Autodesk Animator Pro Player" (TM of Autodesk). Thus they can't be
played by some older players. At "phoenix.oulu.fi" in the
"~/pub/other_animation_stuff" directory various playes for MSDOS and
unix are available which play the generated FLI files.

I plan to upload a FLI-player for MSDOS which works with double-buffering
and by that it overcomes some PC restrictions. The "fbm2fli" program
is already designed to support this. See the "fbm2fli.txt" file for
more details. This player will come soon.


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I am searching for a public domain fli maker to run under unix. Is there
anything like this ? DTA is nice, but only works on PC's. If not I can
try to port one to unix, that is if anyone is prepared to send me the C
source codes of a fli maker.

Cheers, Dirk


Rhodes University Grahamstown                   South Africa

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