Billing for animation

Billing for animation

Post by gregory anders » Fri, 05 Aug 1994 02:17:06

I'm interested in finding some industry standards on billing
for computer animation projects, i.e. architectural walk-throughs.
I'm curious about how to bill for each part of the process; modeling,
rendering, and animating. Any information anyone can provide is
greatly appreciated.

--Gregory Anderson


1. !*!How do you bill for animation?!*!

To all 3D graphics people and animators :

I am an animator who has recently moved to Austin, TX. I have
asked around to find out about what people are charging for
works and there seems to be as many different billing methods as
there are animators. Is there a conventional system for billing
broadcast video animation.  If you are doing this kind of work, how
are you billing, and how much.  Do people normally charge by the
project, by the hour, by the finised second or what?  I would be
interested in hearing what methods have worked best for you.  Also,
should the price vary from platform to platform and software to software?
Finally, I would like to know how much you started charging for animation
and/or graphics work when you first started (whether you were paid salary or
on contract basis).  Any comments will be greatly appreciated.  Please
post or send mail to :

John :

asked around to a number of people to find out how their billing

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