Anim to video

Anim to video

Post by Paolo Hutchis » Mon, 23 May 1994 15:01:12

Could someone please recommend a good PC based products for sending TIFF
or TGA files to a video tape.

Thanks in advance!



Anim to video

Post by Paolo Hutchis » Wed, 25 May 1994 15:19:04

I'm looking for a good system that will put an animation in Targa or Tiff
format onto video tape(preferably from a PC).  I'd appreciate any




1. LW anim to video

        Many mac-based NLE's use quicktime.  It's scalable, so, YES, you can
get "broadcast quality".

  Can I get broadcast quality from

        SVHS?  Gimme a break.  If you want BCQ, don't use SVHS.  Use Beta SP.

        Check w/ your local LW gruppen.  No doubt SOMEBODY has a PVR.


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