Studio Magic, REAL Magic, 928Movie (comments?)

Studio Magic, REAL Magic, 928Movie (comments?)

Post by Andrew Willia » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 04:01:43

I've just read a review of the Studio Magic video editing card
(in Multimedia World (Oct.94 p57)). This is a card/software
combination that enable video editing (Two live (motion) sources,
two 'Graphic' sources, one COLOR background, and one Overlay
(titler) source). The review is fairly detailed, with both comments
and criticisms. There are several places that indicate that
'animations' can be included. There are no further details however,
on how effective (or difficult) this is.  (SRP: $499.

I would also like opinions on the following two MPEG accelerator

     928Movie  (Video Logic)
     REALmagic (Sigma Designs)
     Jakarta   (Jazz Multimedia)

(Note: No engineers were harmed during the testing of Jazz products)
       (it's there in the fine print)

If anyone had any experience with these cards I would like to hear
from you.

Giving credit where it is due:
Studio Magic , (408) 378-3838  SRP: $499.95

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1. about mpeg and real magic card


we are a group of information engineering student
in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We now do
our final year project ( Topic: Quality control
of Video). The project write a program to simulate
the video which is passing through the network.
Due to the network, the video will subject to
some quality distortion. For simplicity,
we just consider the latency and jitter rate.
In another word , we just consider these two things
in our project.
Our supervisor tell us we should understand the mpeg
and real magic card. However, we don't have any
experience on them before. Can anyone give some
information or hint to us ? (esp., mpeg structure
and real magic card API)

Thank you.

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