calling all artist, screen writers, musicians

calling all artist, screen writers, musicians

Post by Trinity Pictur » Thu, 12 Jun 2003 10:45:29

I am thinking about starting an animation studio. Basically is will be
run virtually, through the use of the internet. I am looking for
artists, interested in animation. I am also looking for fresh ideas
from writers for story ideas. If you are interested, or have question


1. Looking for writers, artists, musicians

The science fiction and fantasy news magazine CYBERSPACE VANGUARD is
pleased to announce it's move to CD-ROM and traditional paper
publication in addition to worldwide electronic distribution.

We are currently looking for writers, artists, and even musicians.

We are not currently accepting fiction, but most other areas are open.  
In addition to news and interviews, we are planning to carry a sort of
electronic art gallery of both stills and animations, complete with
background music.

For more information, including pay rates and technical requirements,

Real World inquiries can be made at 216-491-2178.  Submissions and
queries can also be sent to PO Box 25704, Garfield Hts., OH 44125, USA.

----  TJ Goldstein, Editor
      Cyberspace Vanguard Magazine
           News and Views from the Science Fiction Universe
TJ Goldstein, Editor      |   Send submissions, questions, comments to

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