new FBM2FLI (unix FLI maker) uploaded

new FBM2FLI (unix FLI maker) uploaded

Post by Ehrenfried, Klau » Wed, 01 Dec 1993 23:15:54


I have uploaded a new version of the program 'fbm2fli'. This is a unix
program to generate FLI-animations from single images. The file is
located at the FTP-server "" as

The installation of the program requires the library of the FBM package
from Michael L. Mauldin. This package is available via FTP as
"". See the FAQ's of ""
for more sources. Using the FBM-library "fbm2fli" can handle various
file formats including GIF, PCX, SUN-raster, FBM and many more. See the FBM
description for more details. For more details about "fbm2fli" see the
included doc files.

Here is only a brief overview about the differences to the previous
o The new version of "fbm2fli" can also generate old format FLIs. This FLIs
  can be played by the original AA-Player and many other players, which are
  unable to handle the new format FLIs (often called FLCs).
o Slight improvement of the internal compression.
o More flexible choice of the resolution; now also strange resolutions
  like for example 386x25 is possible.
o An additional program for the quantization of 24bit true color images
  using the Octree algorithm is included. This is useful to generate
  animations from DKB or POV images.


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I am searching for a public domain fli maker to run under unix. Is there
anything like this ? DTA is nice, but only works on PC's. If not I can
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source codes of a fli maker.

Cheers, Dirk


Rhodes University Grahamstown                   South Africa

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