24bit Animation Format needed

24bit Animation Format needed

Post by Rob Bair » Sat, 27 Nov 1993 19:47:48

Hi, Im looking for a format in which to encode some 24bit images
I've produced.

Ideally, this format would be well documented and drivers would
exist for the X11 or SGI platforms.

Thanks for any information!



1. 24Bit Animation Formats

Hi, I've been looking all day for specs on any 24bit animation format.
The only specs I've found were for the .FLI format.  Unfortunately
this only compresses 8bit images.

I came across the term 'FLC' format but cannot find any documentation
for it.

In desperation, I looked at a 24-8bit quantizer which can't execute
on my pc because of huge array requirements.

Does anyone know of any animation format the encodes 24bit images?

Looking forward to any replies.

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