Amiga anim7 wanted

Amiga anim7 wanted

Post by White Fla » Thu, 12 May 1994 14:03:19

Yello, people.  Could some kind soul please
direct me to or mail me either the file format
of the Amiga anim7 files or some conversion
utility that would run on unix/dos that could
convert the anim7 to something readable by
other platforms?  (I don't have an Amiga yet..:()
Thanx in advance!

White Flame


1. Difference between Anim5 & Anim7

:  Can some kind soul tell me the difference/tradeoffs between these two formats
: on the Amiga?  I am planning to convert my Real3d frames into one of these
: formats so that I can play bigger anims from the hard disk.

: -Thanx!!!

        Simply put ANIM7 animations generally play much faster than
ANIM5 animations, yet they take a little more space. However, I
personally think the speed gain far outweighs the space gain. ANIM5
delta compression is the most common form of compression on the Amiga
for animation, and it offers decent compression with decent playback
        I use DCTV and at 4 bitplanes 736x241 (non-laced) ANIM7's
playing from RAM on my stock A3000 (which is actually only running at
%90 standard due to a bad chip) get no slowdown even with complex
movement (all my fly-throughs look smooth). I have yet to install a
Fast SCSI-II board in my machine (I've got one sitting on my shelf
waiting for a revision -11 Buster), but I suspect with it I'll be able
to do near real-time (if not 24 or 30 fps) from a good Fast SCSI-II
        ANIM7 is definitely the way to go... Good luck...


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