DL player for PC

DL player for PC

Post by Malcolm Ly » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 20:08:50

Can anyone tell me where I can get a player for
DL files on a PC.



1. BIT V0.92 - Image Viewer/Editor/Paint, MPEG/FLC/DL player

Monte.svec.uh.edu had some network problems for the past a few days,
and is now fixed. If you have tried to get the bit package and
can't, now you can. Attached is the original announcement.


BIT V0.92 (shareware) is available via anonymous ftp from
  monte.svec.uh.edu (       /pub/bit
  ftp.fu-berlin.de  (     /pub/unix/sgi/graphics/bit

This version is available in binary format for IRIX 3.3 and 4.x

What is bit ?
BIT stands for Bitmap Image Touchup and is an integrated interactive
full color image viewer and editor based on IrisGL and runs on
SGI workstations (4D, Indigo, Indy and some PIs).

--- Feature Summaries---
   Views many popular image formats in 24bits and combines the
   functionalities of ipaste, gifpaste, jpegpaste.  It also features
   image panning so that image size larger than window/screen
   can be viewed. Further, built-in MPEG/FLI/FLC/DL/FITS player
   features VCR like control and in addition you can convert any
   frame within the video stream to any bit supported formats.

   Crop, Rotate(arbitrary angles), Scale, Smooth, Sharpening, Median
   filtering, arbitrary convolution with externally defined kernels,
   arbitrary color/pixel transformation, including contrast adjustment,
   gamma correction, individual pixel editing, pixel swap and histogram
   equalization. Merge/overlay/concatenate images with Add/Sub/Diff/XOR/Mask
   options on the fly. All image editing functions feature
   optional anti-aliasing when appropriate.

Paint  & Annotation
   Full color, cut & paste, brushes of many shapes, air brushes with
   adjustable nozzle size and flow rate, free hand drawing, free hand
   polygons, fill and all works with many built-in patterns. Further,
   arbitrary text of arbitrary color/orientation can be rendered on top
   of an image for annotation. Special symbols like Greek letters
   can be entered as in TeX.

Supported image formats:
o. IRIS RGB                o. JPEG (JFIF)
o. CompuServ GIF           o. PNM (ppm, pgm, pbm)
o. X11 Bitmaps             o. TIFF
o. MPEG Video              o. PostScript/EPS
o. Sun rasterfile          o. TrueVision TARGA
o. Microsoft Windows BMP   o. NASA/NUST FITS
o. AniPro FLI/FLC          o. DL Animation
o. Mac PICT                o. ZSoft PCX
And compressed & gziped version of the above formats.

T.C. - Starving Physicist

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3. BIT V0.92 - Image Viewer/Editor/Paint MPEG/FLI/FLC/DL player

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