Beyond the Mind's Eye

Beyond the Mind's Eye

Post by Curt Mill » Tue, 23 Mar 1993 23:41:24

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1. Beyond the Minds Eye

: I rented a video composed of computer graphic shorts called (I believe)
: "Beyond the Mind's Eye".  After seeing it I was in awe at the quality of
: rendering, fluid animation, and the complexity of the modelling.  Does
: anyone know what kind of organizations do these shorts?  I don't remember
: any of the names.  Also, is the software they use custom developed by
: them or by a major CG soft developer (i.e. Alias), or specific favorites
: [packages] of the industry?

That's the right title.  There are several others, such as The Mind's Eye,
and a new one whose title I forget.  Anyway, I don't know about ALL of the
animation, but I was watching a (VERY impressive) demo tape for Autodesk's
3d Studio, which included some of the animation from one of the videos.  So,
there's part of an answer.

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